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At the Core - Chapter 7
Chapter 7 : New Discoveries
Francis looked a little shocked at Alfred's display, but it quickly turned into a pleased look.  "Really?  You think you can help us then?  Wonderful!  Just let me know what we can do to help you prepare.  If you want, some of the town's guards can accompany you to help."
Alvarez was kind of taken aback by Alfred's display as well, but he'd mostly shaken that off.  "I was going to take them to Eliza and Roderich's to find a room or two for the night.  I can show them to Gilbert and Ludwig's place too.  They can help them with weapons and armor."  
"Good plan.  Still...  If there's anything else you need just let me know."  Francis then stood and the three did as well.  The town leader then clasped Alfred's hand – and would have Matthew's if not for the bear which he sort of wondered about – and led them back out of the r
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At the Core - Chapter 6
Chapter 6 : This Calls for a HERO!
After Kiku treated the bear's leg and sent them along their way with a bag full of medicine and bandages for the two of them, Feliciano, who had been waiting out in the main room for them, led them back to the restaurant they'd first stopped at.  Through the front door the blond brothers found that most of the front of the first floor was occupied by tables and booths, several of which were full as it was a little after noon by now and the lunch crowd hadn't started tapering off just yet.  The brunet led them back to the large kitchen area where they found Romano and another brunet man and a blond woman working and talking.  
The man the brothers didn't know yet was the first to notice them and smiled brightly at them.  "Ah, hello there.  You must be the two who saved my dear little Roma and Feli."  He ignored Romano's "I'm not your 'dear little' anything, you asshole!" and walked over to the
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At the Core - Chapter 5
Chapter 5 : Could We Get Some Directions, Please?
With a few rather loud curses themselves Alfred and Matthew ran back down to their packs to take up their weapons, the elder twin setting the bear down first, before running back up to the path.  Taking careful aim with his bow, Matthew drove home an arrow in one hound's foreleg, making the animal yelp and trip.  
Running forward while the other blond readied another shot, Alfred drew his sword and took a swing at the nearest wolf.  It dodged him and swung itself around to try and take a bite out of the young man, but Alfred pulled his arm out of the way just in time and decided to take a swing with his fist instead.  His punch landed right in the wolf's side, making a sickening cracking sound.  The canine went flying, landed near the bushes on the far side of the path, and didn't get back up.  Alfred readied his sword again and continued on to the next one.
The pair of brunets
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At the Core - Chapter 4
Chapter 4 : Traveling Twins
"WHAT THE HELL?!  It can TALK??"  Alfred had jumped up at the same time as Matthew and was currently half-hiding behind his slightly older twin on the side of the fire opposite from the cub.  
"I-I-I..."  Matthew seemed to be a lot more stunned than his brother.
"You two scream like a couple of little girls," the bear said as it sniffed and took a bite of its fish, apparently realizing it wouldn't be trying any cooked or at least not for a little while longer anyway.  
The younger blond seemed quite affronted by that.  "Hey!  It's not our fault you scared the crap out of us by talking!  We've never heard an animal talk before!"
At least Matthew seemed to be calming down, though he still looked rather unsettled.  "How long have you been able to talk?  Why haven't you said anything before just now?"
Chewing on its (H
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At the Core - Chapter 3
Chapter 3 : Thanks for Dinner
Not too long later the trio found themselves alongside a rather large lake that most would likely prefer to use a boat to cross instead of swim, it was so large.  From what Alfred could tell now that they were closer it was shaped sort of like a boot, and they were currently standing on the side that led down to what would be the curve of the foot.  The path followed the shape of that side of the lake before curving off away from the "toes" area and back into the trees.  He figured it would be a pretty good camping and fishing spot, the latter especially with the large flat boulder he could see at the edge of the water in the outcropping area of the shoreline at the corner.  
Walking down to that corner area of the path and down onto the grass, Matthew set down the little bear, who seemed strangely content enough to just lay there in the grass for now, close to the water before setting down his pack and digging out t
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At the Core - Chapter 2
Chapter 2 : Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo...
They bickered long enough that enough time passed to make deciding to go either way a likely unwise choice until morning, so they settled in for another night in their current camping spot. Two equally small meals and a night of somewhat restless sleep left the twins not feeling all that peppy and agreeable the following morning, but they had at least agreed that they needed to move on from their current spot.
So back to debating on which way to go...
"Al, I think it would be best to go through the forest. We'll likely have a far better chance at least of finding food and water going that way, even if we may face a much higher chance of being attacked by something. We'd be more protected from the weather too under all of that foliage; with the increasing heat the shade would be welcomed. Not to mention I doubt we'd be able to make it through those mountains with our current supplies anyway."
Alfred looked like he was weighing Matthew's words whil
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At the Core - Chapter 1
Chapter 1 : Why Do I Let You Talk Me Into These Things...?
"'Let's travel the world, Matt! We'll be like explorers and go on epic adventures, bro! We can be HEROES!' I still don't understand why I went along with your stupid idea, Al... We've been walking for days with no signs of life save a little wildlife and plantlife, and we're running low on supplies! We've barely even been able to find any work in the last three towns we have come across, and we've only lasted as long as we have because we helped that group of travelers we lucked upon last week. I really don't..."
Unfortunately for the young blond man who continued to rant, his words fell on deaf ears as the one he was ranting to had years ago learned how to tune him out and was taking advantage of that ability right now. Alfred, the younger of the twins ("But only by a few hours, so it's not like it really matters. I'm still the more awesome of the two of us anyway," he'll be the first, and only, to emphasize every time
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Thank you, everyone, for all of the birthday well-wishes.  ;w;  I've never had so many before.  Pity all I got to do today is curl up in bed in pain...  BUT seeing all of those Happy Birthday's and a few pictures helped to lift my poor mood.  Thank you, again.  

In other news..., well, the only thing that really is news is my story I guess.  I should hopefully have the next chapter up sometime this weekend.  I want to get to Arthur already aslkdfjsklfj  

Thank you, again, everyone.  My birthday hasn't really meant much for several years now, and the only way I remembered it this time (again) is because of my America wishing me a Happy Birthday over AIM this morning. .w.;;  All of the other messages were nice too.


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